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Virginia City developed as a boomtown with the 1859 discovery of the Comstock Lode, the first major silver deposit discovery in the United States, with numerous mines opening. The population peaked in the mid-1870s, with an estimated 25,000 residents.

This April 27-28, 2024 marks the 53rd Anniversary of the iconic Virginia City Grand Prix. First Run in 1971, the Virginia City Grand Prix has established itself as one of the most unique off-road motorcycle races of its kind. It combines a challenging race experience with the energy and charm of an authentic "old west" mining town, designated as a National Historic Landmark.

BARE has sponsored 5 competitive Riders in the 2024 race this year. *Benjaman Philllips - 450cc Open PRO

*Finn Orwig - 300cc 30+ PRO

*James Collins -300cc Veterans PRO

*Danielle Kohler -250cc Womens PRO

*Korey Combs -72v Electric PRO

Be sure to stop by the BARE vendor booth for your chance to win various prizes from Shirts, Stickers, Can Coolers, Keychains, Bracelets, and More.

We are hosting a Playstation 5 gaming competition with the newly released MX vs ATV Legends 2024. There will be cash and gear prizes for our top 3 race times and winners each day.

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